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La Chiva Gantiva
Officiële website


Natalia Gantiva: percussions
Rafael Espinel: lead vocal, percussions
Felipe Deckers: guitar, tiple
Tuan Ho Duc: alto sax
Florian Doucet: clarinet
Seppe Van Hulle: bass
Martin Méreau: drums

Informatie Agent

Naam: Jan Smeets

Telefoon: +32 15 29 59 00

Adres: Stephenson Plaza, Blarenberglaan 3A, 2800 Mechelen


La Chiva Gantiva

"A celebration of diversity and differences"

New Album in 2017

La Chiva Gantiva will release their uproarious third album in the Spring of 2017. The majority of the new material has been recorded at their studio in Brussels, with various tracks having been produced by Ivan Benavides (Colombian producer of Toto La Momposina, Sidestepper, and Carlos Vives, amongst others).

The upcoming album reflects a growing maturity established within the act, having performed at countless major festivals, toured continuously around the globe and collaborated with various recording artists (Arrested Development, Martin Perna from ANTIBALAS, and some surprises). 2017 will also deliver a string of exciting video clips – something La Chiva are known for amongst their fans – and a live set that exhibits their undisputed prowess on stage.

To the band itself, La Chiva Gantiva was born in the cultural and diverse city of Brussels (Belgium), when three Colombian immigrants came together around a percussion kit, driven by a desire to produce original music and to assert their cultural roots. This encounter resulted in a blend of Afro-Colombian and traditional rhythms, that quickly summoned and assimilated contributions made by musicians from all over the world; present members of La Chiva are of Colombian, Vietnamese, Belgian and a Chilean origins.

Such eclectic musical and cultural influences not only result in a powerful mix of sounds, but in their explosive and exciting performances. In fact it was     their live shows which helped them conquer their public and caught the attention of the media: "They are a frenetic carnival-punk racket that detonates like a Molotov cocktail of rock, rap, soul and ferociously funky Latin rhythms" The Times (UK).

Touring. La Chiva Gantiva have been on the road since 2011. They’ve played many of Europe’s most prestigious festivals, as well as visiting many far flung corners of the world: Roskilde (Denmark), Womad (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Spain), Paléo (CH), Rioloco (FR), London Jazz Festival, Olympic Games 2012 (London, UK), Fusion Festival (DE), Dour Festival & Brussels Summer Festival (B), in Latin America: Colombia, Mexico (Vive Latino 2016), United States & Canada (The Montreal Jazz Festival, Les Nuits d'Afrique, Festival d'été de Québec, New York (Carnegie Hall special guest twice), The Skirball Cultural Center in L.A etc, Turkey, Africa, Poland, South Korea.

Discography: The first two albums were signed to Crammed Discs, Pelao 2012 & Vivo 2014

La Chiva Gantiva are a truly multicultural and dynamic force out to challenge a world  dominated by division, insecurity and isolationism through their wildly spirited music…
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