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La Chiva Gantiva
Officiële website


Rafael Espinel - Vocal Lider , percussion, guitar and gaita (colombian gaita).
Natalia Gantiva - Corus and percussion
Felipe Deckers - Guitar.
Martin Mereau - Drums.
Tuan Ho Duc - Saxo and Flute.
Jose Buc Chavez - Bass.

Informatie Agent

Naam: Jan Smeets

Telefoon: +32 15 29 59 00

Adres: Stephenson Plaza, Blarenberglaan 3A, 2800 Mechelen


La Chiva Gantiva

La Chiva Gantiva is back with its usual dose of humor. On the edge of the absurd, the clip illustrates every word of the song; loaded with Columbian slang. The clip combines the improbable: astronauts in a plane destined to infinity, scientist monkeys and mad air hostesses. The music video was directed by the leader of the group Rafael Espinel in collaboration with his Belgian university partner Nicolas Moins. It was made in a hangar of a Belgian airport.

'El RITMO LO LLEVO YO' is the first single from La Chiva Gantiva's new album entitled DESPEGUE that marks a new musical stage for the band. The single was produced by the band and French producer Vincent Poujol. It reflects the musical enrichment of the band after multiple tours around the world the last few years. These trips have inspired the musicians to create this song as a Western galactic cumbia combined with a personal trip in which Rafael Espinel tells anecdotes lived during the touring.

In a language full of typical expressions from different regions of Colombia, 'El RITMO LO LLEVO YO' is an invitation to open our eyes and to be protagonists of our own lives. A Western cumbia that announces an intergalactic DESPEGUE (take-off) interpreted by astronauts that come from another world.
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