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Jungle by Night
Officiële website


Jungle by Night is: Pieter van Exter – tenor sax, Ko Zandvliet – trombone, Bo Floor – trompet, Jac van Exter – guitar, Pyke Pasman – keyboards, Peter Peskens – bass, Sonny Groeneveld – drums, Tienson Smeets – Djembe, Gino Groeneveld –congas

Informatie Agent

Naam: Jan Smeets

Telefoon: +32 15 29 59 00

Adres: Stephenson Plaza, Blarenberglaan 3A, 2800 Mechelen


Jungle by Night

The nine-piece powerhouse evolves the American and Nigerian roots of the music, folding in the beats and fierce attitudes of Ethiojazz, Turkish funk, hip-hop and EDM. On stage guided by the wild soul of jazz and the raw energy of rock. They’ve teamed up with Afro-inspired DJs and club music instigators like Gaslamp Killer, DJ Rich Medina, and with originators such as Ghana highlife star Ebo Taylor, founder of Ethiojazz Mulatu Astatke and many more.

The nine souls in Jungle by Night were acquainted through school, street and family bonds. A couple of years ago, the group seemed to be infected with a love for raw Africa oriented funk and retreated into the rehearsal studio. The band was invited to perform as the opening act at concerts of Mayer Hawthorne and The Roots & John Legend and soon they where invited to play Paris shows with godfathers Mulatu Astatke and Orchestre Poly-Ritmo de Cotonou. Since 2010 the band hosts the Dutch Felabrations with shows of a.o Seun Kuti, Mulatu Astatke a.o in the legendary venue Paradiso. On their upcoming album a synth grabs the ear before a relentless groove takes hold and a trumpet solo that nods toward Bitches Brew roars to life. The production owes a debt to Jamaican dub and you will definetel will get caried away by complex, jagged guitar riffs that would sound perfectly at home on a Turkish Funk album.

This is the new funk, made up of countless flavors, determined in part by the scene the band came up in. Worldly influences aside, Afrodiasporic funk is still very much the core of the band’s sound. But whether the inspiration begins in Nigeria or Colombia, Jungle by night want one thing when they play live. To get everyone in the same mood. To have them all with that wild vibe.

2015 El Miraglo – 7”
2014 The Hunt – album
2013 Remixed – EP
2013 Brass Sabbath – 7” with Gaslamp Killer
2012 Hidden – album
2011 Jungle by Night – EP
2011 ET/Get Busy – 7”

Live @ Down The Rabbit Hole
Live @ Jazz a Vienne
Attila video
El Miraglo video
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