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Officiële website

Informatie Agent

Naam: Robin Tulkens

Telefoon: +32 15 29 59 00

Adres: Stephenson Plaza, Blarenberglaan 3A, 2800 Mechelen



From the beautiful skies of Belgium has risen Newmoon. A five piece shoegaze / dreampop band layered
in reverb and volume.

Their debut EP “Invitation to Hold” was released on 7” by Secret Voice Records, ran by Touché Amoré’s lead vocalist Jeremy Bolm and distributed by Deathwish Inc, in the summer of 2014. Following the release the band set out to perform a string of international dates with the likes of Basement (on their sold out reunion tour), Nothing, Touché Amoré, Loma Prieta, Citizen, Turnover and more.

"Newmoon are a band who really stand out in their genre. While most bands are just rehashing the past, Newmoon is pushing things forward in their writing and attention to detail. This is a band who understands melody and structure and excel in these areas with each release." - Alex Henery, Basement -

Combining influences from bands such as The Cure, Slowdive, Smashing Pumpkins, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and more  driven by melancholic, distorted guitars. Through all the feedback and noise, the band never loses sight of melody and clarity, creating an album that is both heavy and catchy at the same time.

"At a time when shoegaze is an often misused buzzword and indie rock is created for retail shops and car commercials, Newmoon smashes the novelty to create pure gorgeous and exciting music." - Jeremy Bolm, Touche Amore -
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