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Zita Swoon
Officiële website


Awa Démé (vocals), Stef Kamil Carlens (vocals, resophonic gitaar, blues harp), Mamadou Diabaté Kibié (balafon) Kapinga Gysel (glockenspiel, pump organ, backings), Simon Pleysier (Gibson SG, acoustic guitar, banjo), Amel Serra Garcia (percussion), Karen Willems (cocktaildrums), Christophe Albertijn(bass guitar)

Informatie Agent

Naam: Philippe Kopp

Telefoon: +32 2 708 80 81

Adres: Boulevard General Wahis n29, 1030 Brussel


Zita Swoon

Zita Swoon was born in Antwerp during the nineties of the previous century. It is a collective formed around Stef Kamil Carlens who writes lyrics and music, sings and plays instruments. Piercing songs with a groove and a band that never does repeat itself live is their trademark. From absurd funk to traditional singer-songwriting, with here and there a dash of folk, blues and eighties disco. They also involve other artists from other disciplines: choreographers, dancers and theatre people. Together they form a new lab for scene productions of hybrid performances. In 2011 they create Wait For Me, a meeting of Stef Kamil Carlens and his Belgian collectif Zita Swoon Group with the Burkinabe Awa Démé and  Mamadou Diabaté Kibié. The sound is a mixture of raw acoustic blues and folk and the traditional ‘mandigue’ music from West-Africa.

On tour 2012/2013 + more about Zita Swoon Group

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