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John Stargasm
Mika Nagazaki
Greg Remy
Antoine Michel
Jean Waterlot

Informatie Agent

Naam: Teddy Hillaert

Telefoon: +32 15 29 59 00

Adres: Stephenson Plaza, Blarenberglaan 3A, 2800 Mechelen



The way it all started...

In the early days of 1999, John got back together with 2 former members of Las Vegas Parano, Michaël (on bass) and Fabrice (on drums), and added the instrumentalists Greg (on guitar) and Sanderson (on contrabass). Then he glued them together with his pianoforte and created GHINZU. A name that mimics a japanese-inspired brand of knives with the now famous baseline "The more you use it, the sharper it gets".

The debut album, ELECTRONIC JACUZZI, was released independently on December 15, 2000 (Dragoon is the label, created by and for the band). Recorded in Brussels, it took shape in a few sessions in the spring and fall of 1999 and 2000. Already reedited twice, it represents a watershed in contemporary pop. It contains 12 tracks moving from groove to noise in ways no virtual band can.

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